About Me

Welcome to my page. I am 15 years old and so I am somewhat familiar with how this internet and network works. However, my uncle (I call him Jethu ) had first created this website of mine.

By the way I think I forgot to introduce myself.😅

My name is Neelesh (but most people call me Rishu). I study in Don Bosco School, Park Circus, Kolkata. Seeing my age I think you have already guessed my class. So can you guess it? Reply here.

I live with my brother, Nirban, who you can visit at www.nirbanroy.com, dad and mom in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

My hobbies include drawing, playing games, cycling and swimming.

You can find my Jethu  at www.rajibroy.com and Jemma at www.sharmilaroy.gallery

I have cousins living in America – Natasha Roy whom you can visit at www.natasharoy.com and Nikita Roy whom you can visit at www.nikitaroy.com and another cousin who lives here in Kalyani – Saloni Ghosh whom you can visit at www.salonighosh.com.

You can even mail me at neelesh.roy06@gmail.com.

After reading and seeing this page, can you find out what my favourite colour is??

Come back and see my web site as I update it… and thanks a lot for the love and support!!!😊

Have a great time👍